We specialize in treating children born with anopthalmia or micropthalmia. Using graduated conformers we are able to keep up with a childs growth and encourage the growth of the boney structures of the skull without surgery.  By keeping up with ocular prosthetic care in children, they maintain symetrical growth and development all through adolescents. 

Here at Daniel C. Yeager, Ocularist, we specialize in thinking outside the box. We see and treat patients from all walks of life. From conformers and conventional prosthesis to facial prosthesis and light pipe scleral shells, we do it all! 

Whether due to a health related issue or an accident, having an eye removed can be a tramatic experience. We will do everything we can to restore you to your new self.

Anopthalmia & Micropthalmia

Facial Prosthesis

      We build our facials from hard acrylic, this provides a life like prosthesis that is comfortable and easily worn. The benefits of working in hard acrylic is that it doesn't start to smell with the absorbtion of liquids, the edges stay intact and don't wrinkle, and it is easily modifiable to make it last as long as possible even as the body changes. 

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Specialties & Services

Enucleation & Eviseration